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2021 BMP Training Workshop in the EAA

Ended Dec 15, 2021

Full course description

The Best Management Practices (BMPs) training workshop in the Everglades Agricultural Area (EAA) covers topics related to the BMP program in the EAA. Topics covered include: 1) Review of the EAA BMP regulatory program; 2) Aquatic weeds and their control; 3) Wise use of pesticides; 4) Nutrient control practices; 5) Water management; 6) Sediment and particulate phosphorus control; and 7)  Research update on the EAA BMP research program.

All students successfully completing the workshop will receive a certificate of course completion.  When completing this workshop, certified operators will also receive 4 max Pesticide CEUs with 2 CEUS in the following categories: General Standards/Core, Private Applicator- Ag, Aquatic Weed Control; and Demo & Research. The pesticide CEU form can be submitted to FDACS in order to receive CEU credits.


For questions about this course, email Dr. Samira Daroub at